LTC+ Partners

LTC+ is a virtual care program developed in partnership with long-term care homes in Toronto, acute care hospitals and community services. The partnership includes:

LTC+ Hospital Resource Partners

Each LTC home that is part of LTC+ is partnered with a Hospital Resource Partner (HRP). The HRPs are:

Medical Liability Language

The function of the LTC+ line is to connect primary care providers practising in a long-term care home, directly with a General Internal Medicine Specialist who has been assigned to your facility or a nurse who can provide information and direct you to available resources.

The LTC+ line will refer your call to a provider based on the information you provide when prompted. However, we cannot guarantee that your call will be responded to in a timely manner or that any resources which may be recommended are currently available.

Please remember that you are responsible for the care and safety of your patient at all times.

If, at any time while you are waiting for a response to a call to the LTC+ line, your patient’s health status changes and you determine that your patient requires immediate or urgent care, you should contact 911 immediately and send your patient to the nearest emergency department.